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Holiday Cooking-2015

20151208_153645As I’ve mentioned, I LOVE cooking. I am constantly trying new recipes, searching for them on the Internet. Tasting and perfecting as I go. Thankfully, my husband LOVES my experiments and only once did he tell me that I didn’t need to try a recipe (it was a good recipe just was “operator error” as they say in the tech world).

This year, I started posting pictures of my holiday cooking/baking and people were asking me for recipes. While some were my own creations, most are recipes I found online and especially on Pinterest.

Not all my creations were very glamorous, BUT everyone said they tasted great. SO, for my first post, I went back to my childhood and created a candy that I LOVED. I modified it since now days, I prefer using semi-sweet or dark chocolates, ESPECIALLY from Iceland. So check out my post on Cashew Clusters.